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WIRED Magazine’s October 2010 issue includes a review of various Breathalyzers currently available in the UK Market.  Focusing mainly on the Fuel Cell devices (although they did include one of the cheaper semi-conductor units) it made for interesting reading.

AlcoDigital provided our own AlcoDigital 3000 and all the units included in the survey were compared to the Home Office Approved Draeger 6510 control device.

It was satisfying reading in their verdict that it was  “highly accurate, giving almost identical results to the control  [a Police 6510] during machine tests”.  In summary they also commented on the durability of the Breathalyzer giving it a thumbs up for its “professional feel”.

Unfortunately they failed to mention the 2 year warranty we provide (unlike ANY of the competition) but that’s a little nicety for our customers to find out.

Also included in the reviews was the AlcoHawk PT500 – made by US company Q3i (for whom we are the UK distributor).   The unit was a deemed “cheap for a fuel-cell unit, giving consistent results in wet-bath tests” and in their summary they said it was “Accurate and good value”.


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