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ALL digital breathalyzers need to be calibrated on a regular basis.  Even the industrial Police-Grade detectors require service and calibration – and the usual manufacturer recommendation is as often as every 6 months.

But it is especially important with the cheaper semi-conductor models (i.e. generally everything under the £100 mark) as the sensors can be knocked out of calibration very easily, and the first you’ll know about it is when it either stops working completely or you start getting readings that fall way outside your usual expectations.

Some factors that can knock the calibration (and therefore the accuracy) of your device:

  1. Not waiting AT LEAST 15 minutes after drinking before testing – excess mouth alcohol can really knock the sensors
  2. Smoke – contaminants can cause chaos.  Definately best to wait another 15 minutes after that last cigarette.
  3. Extremes of temperature – a device left in a car in either overnight freezing temperatures or daytime excessive heat will probably suffer from sensor degradation.

If you start to get readings that seem way out of proportion to your regular results, it’s time to get it checked.

AlcoDigital offer wetbath Semi-Conductor Calibration and Draeger Certified Professional Dry Gas Calibration in our workshops which covers most ranges of detectors – if in doubt, give our sales team a call.


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