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Limited by our own common sense...?You can tell the festive season is approaching when the drink-drive articles start making their presence felt in the national press.  Today’s offering (Death Crash Policemen: I felt in control) demonstrates one of many common themes – the fact that even someone who SHOULD know better (having advanced driver skills.  Oh and the small matter of being a policemen) still felt that after a day drinking, he was perfectly capable of getting behind the wheel and driving the short journey home.  Unfortunately with catastrophic results.

The article clearly demonstrates how it is simply not possible to second-guess your level of consumption with your actual level of intoxication.  Whilst we would never directly accuse anyone of misleading the truth, when people say about ‘only having a single glass of wine’ and then losing their licence, quite frankly it simply isn’t true.  To reach the UK drink drive limit (0.80mg) it is necessary to imbibe a considerable quantity over a short period of time – okay, this varies from person to person, but in general you would be looking at at least 3 or 4 glasses within the space of an hour.   Trust us, we’ve tried!   The fact that this driver was almost 3 times that limit – AND in a country where the legal limit is lower than the UK (like the majority of the rest of Europe, the legal limit in France is 0.50mg) indicates quite HOW drunk he must have been to believe he actually wasn’t drunk!

A price he will pay for the rest of his life.  A shame when there are so many breathalyzers out there specifically designed to help people establish how long it takes to get back down to zero.  Guess he won’t need one for a while.


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