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Did you realise there are different limits for different occupations?  Whilst most people will know that the UK Drink Drive limit is 0.08%BAC (also known as 35 microgrammes in ‘today’s money’), what you may NOT realise is that there are further restrictions dependent on how you make your living.

Legislation was passed in 2003 affecting Rail, Maritime & Airline employees, making it an offence for those working in these areas to report to work with more than 0.02%BAC or 9 microgrammes per 100ml.  That’s a quarter of the UK drink drive limit.  Amongst others, it includes the guys that weed the railway lines, the fellow that cleans the galleys onboard, the cabin crew that serve you your Gin & Tonic.

And whilst I would hesitate to infer that anyone deliberately has a drink before going to work, for those working shifts, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a late night out followed by an early start would leave them in danger of losing their jobs.  Even if they don’t even live in the UK.  As Erwin Washington, US pilot for United Airlines found out (“US Pilot Admits Heathrow Drink Charge”, Guardian 05/01/10)

Just thought you’d like to know.


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