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Times are tough at the moment. And I’m pretty sure it’s not just us. Nearly everyone I know has foregone socialising out for dinner parties in. It’s just that little bit cheaper, easier and let’s face it, for the hosts, there’s none of the “who’s driving vs. taxi” debate.

But what about the guests…?

We recently had a bunch of friends over for dinner, a lovely summers evening spent on the patio with good food, good wine and good company. The evening slowly drew to a close, and the last few headed off. Luckily, being in the business we are, we could check the drivers and make sure they were ok.
We have a huge range of detectors we can use (to check ourselves as well as our friends!) but personally, I would always go for a Draeger. We’ve sold them for the best part of a decade, I would literally trust them with my life.

Whilst most people couldn’t justify the cost of the Police Standard Draeger 6510, the AlcoDigital 3000 (manufactured for us BY Draeger) is more likely to be in the acceptable price range. And at a third of the price (but with the same police-grade accuracy) surely it’s worth the equivalent of the cost of a night in a decent hotel? (unless of course you’d prefer a night in the cells..)

For full details of the AlcoDigital 3000, visit our website at or call our sales team on 0844 585 5050.


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