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Alcohoot breathalyzer

The Alcohoot breathalyzer is the hipster of personal breathalyzers. It’s sleek, simple and offers a few extra quirks other breathalyzers can’t. The What Gear guys were very interested in this one, so Alcodigital  provided them with a few drinks so they could test it out.
You can check out there review here.

The Alcohoot retails at £99

For a fuel cell breathalyzer you don’t get much more affordable than this oner. By working with an app on your phone – which you can download for FREE – it has saved costs by not needing an LED screen or larger size device.


Additional features with the app;

  • Keeps track of your results on a flow chart where you can add notes to each result.
  • Lets you know where the nearest taxis and restaurants are after you have realised this is no time to be driving home anymore.
  • Has a morning after test which checks in on you after it knows you had a few drinks the night before. Great for reminding you that you need to do another breath test once you are up.

The Alcohoot is a true middle range breathalyzer. We love it but it was great to have the tech heads at What Gear give it a truthful review.

View the review here, and expect more as they asked for one to take home!


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