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AlcoDigital and What Gear got together to help What Gear with a little challenge they had in store for each other – Who tolerates alcohol better?! We brought the breathalyzers and the booze, they brought the camera’s and reviewed.

Dave and Troy from What Gear were given a choice from our wide range of personal breathalyzers. Once selected we got in the pints and had a chat about how alcohol effects people differently and how a breathalyzer is really the only way you can know how you personally tolerate alcohol. But which breathalyzer should you go for? What the video to view the reviews and make you own decision.

AL2500X HiResFirst up was the AL2500 breathalyzers. A really nice breathalyzer for the first time buyer/user. It has a semi-conductor sensor which measures your Breath Alcohol Content %. Perfect when you need to know whether you are fit to drive the morning after.

Dave and Troy used the AL2500 to measure their alcohol content after one drink. Despite feeling “OK” to drive they quickly learnt the facts from Claire at AlcoDigital which made it clear they don’t want to be driving with any alcohol in their body whatsoever. Once that decision was made the competition forfeit was chosen – whoever had the lowest tolerance to alcohol is paying for the taxi home.

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