Valero PCR  Covid Screening Programme

This programme is designed to prevent, as far as possible, any existing asymptomatic Covid cases reporting to site carrying the infection with them.   Below are a series of links and flow charts to help you decide when to request your tests, when to post and what to expect from the results.

Step by Step Guide – please follow carefully

  1. Order your kits well in advance – a MINIMUM of 10 days before you are due on site
  2. If your kits don’t arrive within 2 working days, email
  3. Select your arrival day (shown in red) on the chart below and test/post on the day indicated (shown in green)
  4. IMPORTANT: REGISTER your test on the Lab Web Portal BEFORE you post it – click this link to register
  5. Post in a Royal Mail Priority Post box the kit the same day you do the test – to find your nearest box, click here
  6. Your results should be sent by email within 36 hours of arriving at the lab, but there are no postal deliveries on Sundays.
  7. If your results are late, email

You MUST REGISTER your test kit BEFORE you post it!
A £50 fee will be made to back-trace any test that is not already registered when it arrives at the Laboratory.

I’ve already had Covid.  Do I still need to take a PCR test?
If you have had a Positive PCR test within the last 90 days you do not need to take another PCR test, however you will need to do the following before reporting to site:

  • Provided a dated copy of your original PCR test
  • Confirm that you have not had any further symptoms in the past 10 days


I’ve lost the instruction sheet for the test – where can I get another?

Click this link to view and download a copy of the test kit instructions

I tested Positive and isolated – do I need to do another test before I report to site?

Provided you have isolated for 10 days (starting from the day AFTER you did the test) and not had any symptoms you can report to site, however:

If you have had any symptoms, you must isolate for 10 days from the start of any symptoms (not just the date of the test) and you must have been fever-free for a minimum of 48 hours.  If in doubt, do not report to site – call 111 and ask for medical advice.