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Methods of Drug Testing

We offer a wide range of drug testing products using different methods

As UK Drug and Alcohol Safety Experts, we’ve selected the most effective and efficient methods of testing for drugs in-house.

  • oral fluid /saliva
  • urine
  • hair sample

Saliva Testing

Drug Testing via oral fluid (saliva) is our recommended method for workplace testing, where you need to instantly determine if someone is fit to work and where the test result may lead to dismissal, tribunal or legal proceedings.

For saliva testing, we offer a range of quick and easy single-use drug test kits designed for workplace screening. Any positive result from these single-use tests should be followed up with a laboratory confirmation drug test.

For objective accuracy, repeatable results and assured quality control the Draeger DrugTest 5000 is the only device in the UK to be approved by the Home Office for use by the police force in the detection of THC in drivers. It is a complete digital testing system that removes an element of human error during the testing process and will provide test results for over 240 different prescription and banned substances.

Advantages of oral fluid drug testing:

  • An instant test result – know if someone is under the influence of drugs right now.
  • Non-invasive method of testing
  • Difficult to tamper with
  • Tests can be conducted in-house
  • Positive results indicate drug use over the past 48/52 hours

Disadvantages of oral fluid drug test:

  • Cannot detect drugs taken more than 52 hours ago
  • Does not provide a history of substance use / abuse over time

Urine Testing

A urine test (urinalysis) is also used by organisations to test for drugs in the workplace, although it is a more invasive test. A urine test will show the presence of a drug or drugs after the drug effects have worn off. The length of time depends on the type of drug.

Our DrugStop Urine Drug Testing Kit screens for 5 common drugs of abuse; MDMA, Heroin, Cocaine, Amphetamine and Cannabis.

Advantages of urine testing for drugs:

  • A relatively cheap method of testing with instant results
  • Tests can be conducted in-house
  • Screen for recent drug use (time span is dependent on the drug type)

Disadvantages of urine testing or drugs:

  • Invasive method of testing
  • Requires facility for sample collection
  • Samples may be tampered with
  • Does not indicate if someone is under in influence of drugs right now
  • Does not provide a history of substance use / abuse over time

Hair Testing

Testing a sample of hair for drugs is one way to assess a person’s historical drug use. We offer this method of testing as a way to determine patterns of drug use over time.

Our DrugStop hair sample drug testing kits provide all you need to test a sample of hair for a single drug type, or up to 7 different drug types.

We have partnered with one of the UK’s leading drug testing laboratories to provide hair sample analysis with a fast turnaround – results are usually returned within 3 days.

Testing hair for drugs is almost impossible to cheat and is therefore considered one of the most accurate laboratory tests for drugs. Hair testing can be used to detect drug substances up to 6 months after their use and hair sample test results can pinpoint the month in which a donor took the drug. It’s for this reason that this method of drug testing is most successful when building a history of substance use / abuse over time.

Advantages of hair sample analysis:

  • Exceptionally difficult to cheat
  • Indicates patterns of drug (or alcohol) use over weeks and months
  • Highly sensitive; highly accurate
  • Simple, non-invasive collection

Disadvantages of hair sample analysis:

  • Hair tests cannot precisely determine the quantity of substances used by the donor
  • Samples cannot indicate substance use less than 7 days after the incident.

Read more about Laboratory Hair Sample Testing for Drugs & Alcohol.

Laboratory Confirmation Kits

Our pre-paid lab confirmation kits include everything required for collection of dual samples for UKAS-Certified laboratory testing.  They can be use independently of, or in conjunction with other screening methods and cost £99 to include a full laboratory test result.

Still not sure which method of drug testing is suitable for what you or your organisation need? Contact us and speak to a drug safety expert.