Exclusive Breathalyzer Discount for TTC Group Course Attendees

An exclusive 10% discount on two of our most popular breathalyzers

As a valued attendee of TTC training, we’re happy to provide you with a discount on our most popular breathalyzer models so you can put your course learning into practice.  These breathalyzers are carefully selected so you can get the most out of your course.




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Fuel Cell Technology

Swap & Go Replacable Fuel Cell Sensor 

Connect with iSOBER app




AlcoDigital NEO Smart Breathalyzer



Every 12 months or 500 tests 

CE / FDA / RoHS Compliant

±0.010% BAC

AlcoDigital Platinum Breathalyzer


 NORMALLY £189.00

Swap and go

CE / FDA / RoHS Compliant

±0.005% BAC

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AlcoDigital NEO

The AlcoDigital NEO Smart Breathalyser is our most innovative alcohol tester with with a police-type fuel cell sensor.  Connect to the iSOBER app to track results with GPS and photo and share by SMS or email.

The Graphical Blow Assistant on the iSOBER app ensures easy, accurate results every test, whilst the quality check function of the Self Diagnosis System (SDS) verifies the output of the sensor to confirm reliability.

Set driving limits per country – perfect for use at home or away. Includes UK based 12 month warranty.


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  • Police-type Fuel Cell Sensor
  • iSOBER app to track results with GPS and photo, share by SMS or email
  • Graphical Blow Assistant for accurate sampling EVERY test
  • Set drink-drive limit per country – perfect for use at home or away
  • Pair with iSOBER mobile app or use in ‘Standalone’ mode


(what do these mean?)

✔ CE approval

✔ FDA approval

✔ DOT Alcohol Screening Device


The AlcoDigital NEO Smart Breathalyser comes with 5 mouthpieces in a handy zipper case for safe storage.

Press Coverage

Courier News – New Smart Breathalyser keeps Commercial Drivers Safe for Fraction of the Cost

Birmingham Mail – AlcoDigital Personal Breathalyser Review

Best Features

  • Unique iSOBER app to track results with photo and GPS
  • Share results via SMS and email
  • Set drink-drive limit per country – perfect for use at home or away
  • SDS Advanced Diagnostics to ensure sensor accuracy
  • Graphical Blow Assistant for perfect sampling – every time
  • Wide storage and operating temperature range – can be stored 0ºC to 50ºC and operated at 5ºC – 40ºC.

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AlcoDigital PLATINUM

It’s no exaggeration to say that the AlcoDigital Platinum breathalyzer is revolutionary – it’s the first breathalyser in the world to combine the convenience of a breathalyser with a replaceable sensor with the accuracy of a professional quality fuel cell device that is reliable, accurate and robust.

Why do I need a breathalyzer?

The Platinum requires no annual calibration and you can replace the fuel cell sensor yourself – just like a battery. Just order the swap & go replaceable sensor from us and replace the sensor every 12 months or 500 tests (whichever comes first). Other breathalysers require a regular calibration at our workshop but with a swap & go breathalyser, no calibration = no days without your breathalyzer. At under £200, the Platinum is the cheapest fuel cell breathalyser in our Swap & Go range and provides the best technology at an affordable price.

The AlcoDigital Platinum reads in milligrams per litre (mg/L) of breath and provides measurements up to 2.00mg/L.  The English and Welsh drink drive limit is 0.35mg/L and the Scottish drink drive limit is 0.22 mg/L.

UK based 12 month warranty.
Platinum back of breathalyzer image

Swap & Go Fuel Cell Sensor

The complex nature of the fuel cell has meant it has taken Sentech, one of the Worlds’ foremost breathalyzer manufacturers, several years to miniaturise and perfect – but with the AlcoDigital Platinum they have succeeded. The single replaceable sensor cartridge contains all the elements necessary for accurate testing to as little as 0.005% BAC – far beyond the performance of semi-conductor models.

Fuel cell sensors are much larger than semi-conductor sensors. The larger the sensor, the better it can produce the electrical current needed to detect levels of alcohol – giving more reliable and consistent results. You will also find that fuel cell sensors are more durable, so they can be used frequently whilst maintaining their high levels of accuracy.

To get the most accurate reading, you must wait at least 20 minutes after consuming any alcohol, food or smoking to conduct a breathalyser test. This will also help with the longevity of the unit.

Order a replacement Platinum Breathalyzer Sensor.

Easy to use

The AlcoDigital Platinum breathalyzer has a compact design and is easy to use, with a simple one button operation. Turn the breathalyser on and it will momentarily warm up.  When ‘blow’ is displayed, it is ready for a breath test. Simply blow into the breathalyser with a continuous flow and the bright LED display show the breath test result in mg/L.

You can use this result to determine whether or not you are over the legal drink drive limit or not, however the only safe level to drive at is ZERO.


(what do these mean?)

✔ CE approval

✔ FDA approval

✔ RoHS Compliant


The AlcoDigital Platinum breathalyzer comes with 5 mouthpieces.  Without a mouthpiece you won’t always be able to provide a steady flow into the breathalyzer; mouthpieces help direct the breath content over the sensor to produce a more accurate and consistent result.

Additional Features

  • Test counter
  • Batteries included
  • Auto power off
  • Hard case and storage pouch included

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