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Trade in your breathalyser

Thinking of upgrading your digital breathalyser? Trade-in your old one and save when you upgrade

Your old breathalyser could be worth up to £250 when you upgrade to a new one. We will accept most major makes and model of breathalyser (Draeger, AlcoDigital, Lion, Lifeloc, AlcoHawk, Sentech and AlcoSense) as trade-in for a new digital breathalyser from our range – why not see how much yours could be worth now?

As we offer such a wide range of digital breathalysers, for both personal and professional use, we need a few details before we can give you a trade-in value for your old breathalyser.

Simply complete the form below and we will respond within 1 working day.


If you decide to accept our trade-in valuation, we will issue you with a discount code, valid for 30 days, that can be used to purchase your new breathalyser. Alternatively, we can process your order over the phone. Please be aware that we will need to receive your trade-in breathalyser before we can send out your upgrade – details of how to do this will be sent out to you via email when you place your order.


  • For example: AlcoDigital 3000
  • Please select your upgrade from the models below.
  • Please answer yes or no; it doesn't matter if it isn't working.