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For those who baulk at the thought of paying out for a digital device, a cheap way of getting into the Breath Alcohol Testing market is to look at the single-use Draeger AlcoCheck tubes.

These were used by UK Police back in the day when the portable digital detector market really was just voodoo and witchcraft.  They were the original ‘Blow in the Bag’ tests – a tube of crystals that changed colour dependent on the volume alcohol in the breath.

There are many variants around however there is one MAJOR difference that the Home Office Approved Draeger AlcoChecks offer that none of the others do – the ability to actually measure the sample you are producing.

Who would have thought that little bag could mean so much?  For without that, how on earth can you guarantee a measured amount of air pass through the crystals?  Simply instructing you to ‘count to 10 whilst blowing slowly and consistently’ doesn’t sound scientific enough to me – but then I guess I expect a little more accuracy.

Which is why, if you want a throwaway to keep in your drawer till you throw it away, at least make sure it’s an accurate throwaway.

Draeger AlcoChecks are available in singles, boxes of 10 or bulk packs of 50 at both the (current) UK limit of 0.08%BAC or the European limit of 0.05%BAC.



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