Most people don’t want to spend say, £100 on a device to test whether they’re fit to drive.  But let’s look at the actual costs of drinking and driving ( – and being caught…)

  1. Towed vehicle – if you’re stopped, and found to be over the limit, chances are your vehicle is not going to be taken home courtesy of the Police.  It will be towed and impounded, for which you will have to pay a fee for its release (providing you find someone to drive back for you, that is)
  2. Legal Fees – to fight a drink-drive conviction, or even to just try and reduce the outcome of an admitted offence, you’ll need a lawyer.  Legal Aid won’t come to your help here.  That’s going to hurt the wallet.  First Offence you’re probably looking at a couple of grand, 2nd offence or further – sky’s the limit. 
  3. Insurance.  It’s a no-brainer – you have now officially entered the High Risk Category.  And if it’s a teen that’s been caught, the Insurers  could withdaw the entire household vehicle cover unless a legal guarantee is made that the offender will not drive ANY of the household vehicles.  In any case, your premiums will at least triple.  Ouch.
  4. Future banking.  Do not be under any illusion, a drink-drive conviction is a Criminal Offence.  Those forms you complete for student loans, new bank accounts, hey even job applications?  They all want to know about Criminal Offences.  And this one counts. 

Suddenly that £100 breathalyzer doesn’t seem as expensive as originally thought, eh?


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