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Alcohoot breathalyzer and phone

Ever thought breathalysers were chunky pieces of equipment that, quite frankly, could be a little embarrassing to pull out at the pub? Or maybe you have been after a fuel cell device for a while now but they have always seemed too expensive.

Alcohoot breathalyzer

Well now we have the AlcoHoot; modern, compact, sleek, easy to use, and pretty darn accurate in comparison to semi-conductors.

Unlike other devices it connects to your phone via the headphone jack. I would imagine this is where it saves on its manufacturing costs in comparison to other fuel cell devices. Once you have downloaded the AlcoHoot app you will be able to see your results, record your data, book a local taxi, and search nearby restaurants. A few additions other breathalysers will never have.

The main attraction to the device though has to be its appearance and size. It is literally pocket size – it can even fit in there with your wallet click for source. I’m also a big fan of the matt finish.


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    Alcohoot breathalyzer and phone

    It reads in %BAC or mg/100 blood or Permille. The England/Scotland equivalents are 0.08%/0.05% BAC, 80mg/50mg, and 0,80/0,50. I would recommend keeping it on one you are familiar with.

  • The app can be downloaded on all Androids and iphones.
  • It is more accurate than semi conductors but less accurate than the AlcoDigital 3000 and Platinum.

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