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Semi conductor swap and go sensor replacement
Semi conductor swap and go sensor replacement
Replacing the sensor of the AL6000 Breathalyzer

Swap and Go Breathalyzer sensors are replaceable sensors for your breathalyzers. This helpful and unique design is patented on certain products making AlcoDigital the only company in the UK with the right to sell these particular breathalyzers.

All breathalyzers need to be calibrated every 6 to 12 months. Usually this requires you sending your handset into our workshop for servicing: not only do you have the cost of the calibration but postage as well. But more inconvenient is getting round to actually packing it up for sending in, and getting to the post office when they’re still open. It’s the sort of job that gets put on the shelf for another day – and finally when you have found the time to send off your breathalyzer for calibration, you are then without it for a few days to a week.

With a Swap and Go Sensor all that inconvenience is gone. Simply order online, select your sensor and wait for it to be delivered. Once received, swap into your breathalyzer as easily as changing a battery, and off you go. The old sensors are free to go in general waste (unlike batteries of course).

Platinum Fuel Cell senor change
Platinum Fuel Cell senor change

There are both semi-conductors and fuel cell breathalyzers featuring this unique swap and go facility. Read our blog here for help for choosing between the two. Whichever breathalyzer you choose you will receive instruction on how to replace the sensor, and we also have videos on our webpages for that specific product.

The original AL6000 semi-conductor breathalyzer was the first unit in with a swap and go sensor, launched in 2006. It was joined by its big brother – the AL7000 – in 2009 offering higher accuracy with a more compact design. The ground-breaking AlcoDigital Platinum fuel cell breathalyzer with swap and go sensor was launched in November 2014. With an accuracy of ±3% it instantly became one of our most popular personal breathalyzers.

Save yourself the time and effort of calibrations and buy a swap and go breathalyzer. You can also add on a discounted spare sensor with your first purchase. Check out our swap and go models here.