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The wave of sunshine the UK experienced in the last couple of weeks announced my favourite time of year – let the summer barbecue season begin!

With the days longer and warmer, the weekend rally of families migrating to their favourite ‘foodie’ friends homes for sunshine, sizzlers and sangria takes over from the winter nights of staying in at home.  Only trouble is, when is the designated driver established?  Sometimes that part (along with cooking times for chicken) can be a little hit and miss.

It’s probably easier to have something on hand to check – we have a wide range of digital alcohol detectors and actual people to answer the phone in response to your queries (unlike some of our answer-phone reliant competitors).

We CAN do cheap and cheerful, but we’d rather you have something you can rely on.  Something with a sensor that WILL last more than just over the 12 month warranty.  Something using the same sensor as the units the majority of roadside testing police use.  Something like the AlcoDigital 3000 – we’ll even throw in a 2 year parts & labour guarantee.

Now surely that’s got to taste better than the food you get inside?


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