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Single Use Breathalyser Kits

Simple to use, low cost and NF approved breathalyser kits

At just £2.99 each, our breathalyser kits are the perfect low-cost method to help encourage responsibility and ensure that nobody has any excuse for arriving for work whilst unfit to do so.  The simple colour change system shows if you’re back to zero or not, so for just £2.99 you can check yourself ‘the morning after’ and ensure that you are alcohol-free before you drive.

Be a Hero – Blow a Zero!

Making sure you are alcohol-free is vital to ensuring your safety and that of others – both in your car, and other road users or pedestrians.  Statistics show that ANY alcohol in your body makes you three times more likely to have an accident.

Our top recommendation for private motorists are the Morning After 0.05% BAC breathalyser kits – which is effectively the drink-drive standard in the majority of European countries and is the limit that applies in France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain and more.  As NF Approved kits, they also cover you under the French Regulations requiring all motorists in France to carry an NF Approved breathalyser in the car at all times.

At present the English/Welsh limit is still 0.08%BAC, however (a) it is likely to soon fall in line with Europe and (b) at that level a driver is undoubtably impaired, even if they are just legal, to drive.


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French Breathalyzer Kit NF Approved
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Single Use NF Approved French 0.05% Breathalyzer Kit

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Single Use NF approved 0.02% BAC Breathalyzer

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The Morning After NF Approved 0.05% Breathalyzer Kit is approved under the French regulations that require all drivers to carry two NF approved breathalysers in the car at all times. Remember that we would always recommend that you do not drive if any of the crystals in the tube change colour, as shown above.

Our Professional NF approved 0.02% BAC Breathalyzer is designed for commercial drivers such as HGV, bus or coach rivers, taxi drivers etc.  They are 4x more sensitive that the English/Welsh kits and 2.5 times more sensitive that the standard French/Scottish kits.  They can still be used by any motorist, but you should realise that the slightest amount of alcohol in your body will turn the crystals red, which may un-necessarily delay your journey.  If your licence depends upon absolute zero-tolerance, these are the kits for you.


(Please note: there are a plethora of non-approved single use breathalysers for sale on outlets such as eBay.  NF approved breathalysers use a bag to ensure an exact and equal air sample every time; many of the non-approved devices use blow-through tubes (such as “BreathScan”) – but if you don’t know the volume of the sample that has been blown through the tube, the results are meaningless!)