Scottish drivers are now under a higher risk of being caught for driving over the drink driving limit. The limit has been lowered to from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to just 50mg.

Scotland has respectfully conformed with the limits in the rest of Europe. Most may be surprised to know that England, Wales and Northern Ireland are one of few countries in Europe that have as high a limit as 80mg. The diagram below shows the rest of Europe:

Image of limits before the Scottish change
Image of limits before the Scottish change

Since the knowledge of the new Scotland limit has got out AlcoDigital has seen a huge increase of breathalyser sales and enquiries. It is great to know that people want to be sure they are not over the limit to drive, both on the night – but also morning after the night before. Not only are they protecting their license and lifestyle, but also the safety of others on the road.

When choosing a personal breathalyzer think about how accurate you need it to be, how long you want it to last, and how much your license and lifestyle depend on it.

The reality is common sense: the more you spend the more you get. If a Police-grade device costs £800 plus, those units retailing out there for around the £40-£50 mark simply cannot offer that level of reliability or accuracy.   Their cheapness lies in their semi-conductor sensor – which offer basic levels of accuracy at a single point, outside of which it simply doesn’t hold up.

But you only need to look to us and you’ll find units that offer Fuel-Cell accuracy, for as little as a couple of tanks of fuel. If the Police use a device with a Fuel Cell sensor to check you – why wouldn’t you?

AlcoDigital LifeGuard
AlcoDigital LifeGuard

Our AlcoDigital LifeGuard is an excellent example. It uses a fuel cell censor, is reliable, easy to use, accurate and won’t give up after 12 months (unlike some of the semi-conductor devices we know of).

Well worth the £229.95 it costs.



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