AlcoDigital Employers’ Random Testing Selection App

Welcome to the AlcoDigital App for use in the selection of employees for random testing – whether for Drugs, Alcohol or both.

To use the portal, first register for an online account; once you have entered your details, you will receive an email (from – check your spam folder to find it if necessary) to activate your account.

You can then create a list of employees, either by directly adding them via the online portal or by uploading an excel spreadsheet which can be managed offline.   No personal data should be included (such as date of birth) but the employee list can include information such as their employer reference number or department if you wish.

If the list is created online, then a unique reference will be automatically generated for each entry. However, if the list is uploaded from a spreadsheet, the reference can be anything the user wants to use – it could, for instance, be their employee ID number – along with a text field; this would normally be their name, but can be any means by which you can identify the employee.

Whether the list is generated manually online or via an upload, the data can be downloaded at any time to show when each person was last selected for testing.

We offer a free one month trial after which annual subscription is £60 plus VAT.


Using the App to select Employees for testing

There are two methods of selection available – “True Random”, and “Sequential Random”.

True Random

This function will select someone from the list completely at random and irrespective of when they were last tested; it has the advantage that nobody has any idea when their name will come up, so just because they were tested yesterday doesn’t mean they won’t be tested again today, however the disadvantage is that it is also possible that someone won’t be tested for an extended period of time.

Sequential Random

This function will select at random a person from the list who has not yet been tested on the current testing cycle; this will ensure that everyone is tested once per cycle but in a random order.

Sequential Flag Reset

Every time someone is tested (whether this is a True Random test, OR Sequential test), the sequential flag on their record is set to “Yes”; once every person in the file has been tested, the sequential flag is reset to start another cycle of testing. When carrying out a True Random selection, if the flag is already “Yes” (because they’ve already been selected during the current sequential test cycle) it remains as “Yes” – however if the flag is “No” (they’ve not yet been selected in this cycle) it is set to “Yes” because they have now been tested.

“Last Selected” Date

The “Last Selected” date on the data file is always updated to the latest test date, whether this is a True Random test, or part of the Sequential testing cycle.

Suggested Method of Use

Our suggested method of use would be to alternate between the two methods; use Sequential Random some of the time (to ensure everyone is tested) but occasionally use True Random – so that nobody can be sure that just because they were tested recently, they won’t be tested again today!


Please note that no personal data should be included within the text used to identify those due for testing beyond their name and/or an employee number. Please do not include personal data (such as Date of Birth for instance) as this would qualify under GDPR and require data protection under the act.