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Random Alcohol and Drug testing

Random alcohol and drug testing can be added you your policy and testing procedure very easily when you have in house testing equipment.

How often should I be doing Random tests?

You should aim to test 100% of your work force annually. This of course may be unrealistic for the size of your company, however the larger the workforce, the harder it is to monitor all employees.

When should I do random tests?

Once you have set your annual target your should aim to test of different days of the week, at different times of day. If you do one in the morning, you should occasionally test on the same day at the end of the day, or after lunch. The aim is to deter your employees from working under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

How do I make it random?

Random testing is not suspicion of alcohol and drug use for the chosen employee and not  testing to eliminate the influence of alcohol and drugs from an incident that has occurred. Random testing is an alcohol and/or drug test for an employee randomly selected.

You can use random generators such as our example below. Why not put your employees on a spread sheet and number them starting from 1. You can then use the generator below when you are doing a random test to know which employee to call forward.

This system does not record the test number that occurred so you will have to document that. Perhaps have a witness when using the generator to back up that the number called was the first number that appeared.

What if an employee is called twice or more in the year?

This may happen as this is true random selection. Specify this in your policy and if an employee is called more than once it is fine.