Scottish Single Use Breathalyzer


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This breathalyser has been designed specifically for the Scottish drink drive limit at 0.05%BAC. It is a single use, blow-in-the-bag breathalyser, best used the ‘morning after the night before’ to indicate whether or not any alcohol remains before driving.

✔ NF Approved


Scottish Single Use 0.05% Breathalyser Kits

A blow in the bag, single-use breathalyser, specifically for the Scottish drink drive limit of 0.05% BAC. Crystals in the attachable tube react with the breath alcohol, if there is any, and change colour to indicate the level of alcohol within.

For bulk, retail and trade orders (150+) or personalised/promotional single use breathalyser kits, please contact us.

Directions for use

Blow into the bag with a full breath. Squeeze the bag through the crystals. If the crystals change colour, you know you have alcohol left in your system. There is a line to act as an indication of what the legal limit in Scotland is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the single use breathalysers work?
Unlike other kits where the user has to blow through the tube (which can be difficult for some users, especially the elderly) with our Scottish breathalyser kit, the user blows into the bag without the tube first; the ends of the tube are then squeezed together (nothing to break off, throw away etc) and the air is then squeezed by hand back through the tube.

How do I read the result of the breathalyser test?

The results are easy to read; the crystals in the tube are white and turn red when alcohol is present. They comply with REACH legislation, ensuring that they are Chromium free.