Lifeloc FC20 System Kit


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One of Lifeloc’s top of the line professional breath alcohol testing devices. The FC20 breathalyser is supplied complete with system case, printer and mouthpieces.


✔ NHTSA Evidential Approval





Non UK Certified Breathalyser with Printer System.

  • Approved in the USA as an Evidential Breath Tester (NHTSA Evidential Approval)
  • 1″ Professional Platinum Fuel Cell
  • Approved under US Coastguard regulations for on-ship use
  • 1000 Test Memory
  • Ultrafast retest time
  • Hard storage case and removeable silicone grip included

The Lifeloc FC20 breathalyser is not a UK Home Office Approved device, so we have to offer this in the UK as an alcohol screener as it may not be accepted for evidence by a court or tribunal. However, it is one of Lifeloc’s top of the line professional breath alcohol testing devices and is supplied complete with system case, printer and mouthpieces.

In use with numerous Police Forces across the globe, this premium breathalyser includes all the features of the FC10 and FC10Plus in addition to standard 1000 test memory, customisable print options and computer interface. An optional keyboard allows for easy data entry of operator and subject designated information such as location or subject ID.

  • Menu Driven Software easily guides users through the testing process
  • Breath Pressure Sensor – test will not activate until subject begins blowing
  • Password Protection prevents unauthorized changing of calibration and/or user settings
  • User selectable Calibration/Cal Check Lockout
  • Optional Computer Interface with AlcoMarkTM software downloads test results directly to your PC
  • Quickly sort, print, archive or chart results
  • Multiple data entry fields for Subject ID, User ID or location information
  • Optional Keyboard

30 day money back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your new Lifeloc breathalyser, return your device to us within 30 days and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked (delivery charges are non refundable).



Analytical principle: Full Size 1″ diameter Platinum Fuel Cell. Alcohol Specific.
Measurement precision: ±.005 BAC below 0.10% BAC. ±5% above 0.10% BAC
Response Time: Immediate on negatives, under 10 seconds on positives.
Recovery time: Immediate on negatives, under 30 seconds on positives.
Operating Temp: 32° – 130° F (0° – 55° C)
Display: 1.65″ x .87″ (42 x 22 mm) viewing area graphic OLED. Adjustable contrast. Graphs breath flow and alcohol level.

Size: 2.6″ x 5″ x 1.25″ (66 x 127 x 33mm)
Weight: 8 oz. (226 grams)

Package Contents:
FC20 Breathalyser
Mobile Printer
System Case
Spare Printer Roll
10 x Mouthpieces

  • Lifeloc FC20 professional breathalyser
  • Removeable silicone grip
  • Printer
  • Mouthpieces
  • Hard storage case

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