AlcoDigital EBS10 Access Control Entrance Breathalyzer


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The AlcoDigital EBS10 breathalyzer controls the access of employees or visitors onto a site by taking a passive breath sample. It can be connected to entrance doors or turnstiles and is a useful safety feature for high risk work environments.


The AlcoDigital EBS10 is entrance breathalyzer that can be connected to a turn stile gate, entrance door or electronic key safe to accurately screen employees or visitors for alcohol before allowing them access. The EBS10 offers unmanned access control, providing companies with the confidence their workforce is alcohol-free without the incumbent costs of consumables and man-hours associated with handheld breathalysers.

This is the ideal safety feature for high risk workplaces or environments that need to ensure everyone that enters is alcohol free.  It is capable of testing 12 people per minute, ensuring the usual flow through the existing entry system will not be interrupted.

Key features

  • Instant alcohol testing
  • Test 12 people per minute
  • Fuel cell sensor technology
  • Replaceable sensor module

The fuel cell sensor inside the EBS10 offers police grade accuracy and reliability.  The PASS/FAIL results are unambiguous; a PASS allows the employee access, a FAIL means that access is prevented and the employee will have to report to the designated manager.

The replaceable sensor module allows for easy on-going maintenance and continued accuracy. Please contact us for details.

  • Working temperature range +40ºC – +5ºC
  • Storage temperature range +50ºC – 0ºC
  • Weight 0.95kg
  • Power 12v/1.5A


  • AlcoDigital EBS10 Breathalyzer
  • Integration PC software
  • PC connection cable
  • Plastic case

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