DrugStop Laboratory Hair Drug Testing Kit – 7 Panel


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This drug testing kit provides everything you need to test a sample of hair for 7 different drug types, with a detection window of 7 days–12 months.

This hair drug testing kit provides all you need to test a sample of hair for 7 different drug types.

We work with one of the UK’s leading testing laboratories to provide hair sample analysis with a fast turnaround (results usually returned within 3 days).

Hair testing is considered one of the most accurate laboratory tests for drugs and alcohol as it is almost impossible to cheat. This method can be used to detect drug substances up to 6 months after their use. Test results also indicate the month in which a donor took the drug and can therefore be used to build a history of substance use over time.

A hair sample of around 5-millimetre thickness is taken from the head or body of the donor and sent to the laboratory in the self addressed, tamper-proof envelope supplied with this kit.

The detection window for hair testing is 7 days–12 months.

Advantages of hair sample analysis:

  • Exceptionally difficult to cheat
  • Indicates patterns of drug (or alcohol) use over weeks and months
  • Highly sensitive; highly accurate
  • Simple, non-invasive collection

Disadvantages of hair sample analysis:

  • Hair tests cannot precisely determine the quantity of substances used by the donor
  • Samples cannot indicate substance use less than 7 days after the incident