Dräger Interlock 5000 Vehicle Breathalyzer


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The Dräger Interlock 5000 ensures complete safety from drink driving; the interlock measures the alcohol concentration in the breath of the driver and releases the engine only if the breath test is passed.


✔ EN Approved



An interlock breathalyzer is a complete solution to avoid drink driving all together.

Safe and Reliable

The electrochemical sensor of the Drager Interlock 5000 specifically measures Ethanol alcohol. Therefore other exhaled substances can not give false readings. This precise sensor technology is also used in breathalyzers used by the UK police.

Easy to use, smart design

Operation is supported by a large display and therefore simple and intuitive. The mouthpiece is attached to the back of the handset. Therefore, it is not immediately recognisable as a breathalyzer. The mouthpiece can easily be replaced, and is hygienic and biodegradable.

Storage and Protection

The device stores all relevant data in the control unit. The data can be downloaded via an infrared interface to be analysed. The data is protected with special encryption methods.

Temperature compatibility range: -45℃ – 85℃

Calibration required: Every 12 months

Start up time: 15 seconds

Weight of handset: Approximately 168g

Weight of control unit: Approximately 468g

Dimensions of handset: 138mm x 61mm x 36mm

Power Supply: 12v to 24v

Power consumption: <2A max. < 1mA on standby

Approvals: General German Operating Permission. EN 50436-2.2013. E1 Mark. ECE regulation No.10. Directive (EC) No. 661/2009

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