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Alcosafe is the world’s first breathalyzer-protected key safe, ensuring vehicles or equipment are only accessed by passing a breath test.

The AlcoSafe is the world’s first breathlyser-protected key safe. The AlcoSafe ensures that vehicles and/or equipment are used only by those who first pass a breathalyser test before accessing keys.

  • Saves you time and money in dealing with people who are unfit to work
  • Protects employers, employees and the public from alcohol-related accidents
  • Aids compliance with relevant legislation
  • Requires no additional staffing or training

The AlcoSafe can store and organise up to 142 keys. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, from car forecourts and rental agencies, to mining companies securing dynamite stores.

The AlcoSafe requires all employees to pass a quick breath test each time they want to access keys. Such a system is considerably more robust than random testing.

The AlcoSafe uses a breathalyser with a police-grade fuel cell sensor. With an ultrafast start-up and rapid sampling, key access is both speedy and efficient.

The breathalyser comes with a lifetime warranty and can be exchanged every six months for a fully serviced, refurbished unit, through a maintenance contract with AlcoDigital click for source.

An optional digital camera can be built into the AlcoSafe to accurately record the identity of the employee accessing keys.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to save time and money in dealing with people who are unfit to work?
  • Do you worry about the effect of drinking habits on your business and your own liability?
  • Are you concerned about alcohol-related absenteeism?
  • Do your employees have access to equipment and goods which should not be handled by those under the influence of alcohol?
  • Do you want to provide the safest working environment you can for your staff and customers?
  • Do you want to be ahead of your competitors in meeting relevant compliance guidelines and legislation?
  • Do you want to avoid vehicle/equipment damage?
  • Do you want to avoid corporate manslaughter charges?
  • Do you know of employees with a drink problem, but have been unable to tackle it effectively?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then you need the AlcoSafe.

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