Alcohol Deterrent Package


Our best value alcohol testing package combines our popular AlcoSaber for fast and accurate screening, with our EN Approved AlcoDigital EON System kit (including printer and mouthpieces) to cover all your alcohol testing requirements.

Our Alcohol Deterrent package is our best value alcohol testing package, suitable for any company wishing to implement or expand their workplace alcohol testing. It is called a ‘deterrent’ package as its presence on-site, at the office or depot will also serve this purpose; a deterrent to any employee who is considering turning up to work whilst under the influence of alcohol.

The Alcohol Deterrent package contains the following products:


The AlcoSaber is an easy-to-use wand-style handset, ideally suited for rapid high volume screening.  It is set to determine the presence of ANY alcohol in a breath sample, with results displayed within 2 seconds, before clearing and resetting automatically ready for the next test.

Also available is a sturdy belt-holder to ensure safety of the device both when in use and when in storage sold separately here.


AlcoDigital EON System Kit

If a positive result is displayed by the device above, a Workplace Evidential Breath Test should be performed to establish the precise alcohol measurement within the donor’s sample.

The AlcoDigital EON with its EN15964:2011 Approval is the most cost effective handset on the market, offering date/time stamp with every test.  Used in conjunction with the bluetooth printer to produce on-the-spot proof of test results, it offers accuracy and reliability at an affordable level.

The EON also offers a unique ‘replaceable fuel cell sensor’ system, enabling easy logistics with regards to the 6 monthly calibration requirements – simply swap and go!

Our system kit included within this Alcohol Deterrent Package includes AlcoDigital EON handset, bluetooth printer, and 100 mouthpieces.



AlcoSaber Breathalyser x 1

AlcoDigital EON Breathalyser x 1

AlcoDigital EON Blue Tooth Printer x 1

EON Handset Case x 1

EON Mouthpieces x 100


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