Lifeloc FC20 Printing Breathalyzer Kit

£ (exc VAT)

**** Do you need any additional Consumables? ****

Reusable by the same person several times but for hygiene reasons
every person tested should use their own mouthpiece.

Box of 100 (exc VAT): £ 

Box of 1000 (exc VAT): £ 

Printer rolls (exc VAT): £ 

(No additional postage will be charged for consumables shipped with initial order)

**** Windows Software – to update the Device Settings, and download data readings ****

Software and cable (exc VAT): £ 

**** Keyboard Package ****

to allow alphaumeric input to breathalyzer (exc VAT): £ 

**** Pro Forma Drugs & Alcohol Policy ****

Normal price £ + VAT… only £ when ordered now.

Written to incorporate all the features of the Best Practice Policies agreed with the FTA (Freight Transport Association) and produced with SimplyDocs, the UK experts in pre-prepared, ready-to-use standard documentation. Our Drug & Alcohol Policy is simple to implement but covers all the key areas that your company should consider – while saving you £££’s on “consultancy” fees ….

add Drug & Alcohol Policy (exc VAT): £