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Well we finally got there, after months of hard graft and intensive periods of staring at screens.  There’s a new master in town!  Having spent the last 7 years explaining patiently exactly HOW to spell our original company name of UKBreathalysers (and probably developing RSI of the wrist from typing the email address) it is with great pleasure that we introduce our new UK company website

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We’ve had few people wonder why we would bother when you take into account the success of the last 7 years, and the amount of work required to get the new company site up and running.  Fact is, we were fed up of constantly being plagiarised, and having the UK-prefix was just getting to be too much of an albatross.  The new company name is slicker, translates across language and continent, and is very much more the direction we are headed.  We already have an Irish division, the Spanish site should be up and running shortly, with the possibilty of Germany and Portugal not far on the horizon.  Couldn’t really do that with ‘UK’ Breathalysers.

We spent a long time writing the site and have carefully separated the Personal and Professional divisions of the breathalyzer market for a few good reasons – firstly, it allows us to give the appropriate sector the kind of attention it requires, and hopefully makes it that much more user friendly for our customers.  Whilst it is effectively like writing 2 websites, and hence double the workload – the fact that its something our competitors will REALLY struggle to do themselves with their current basic ‘off-the-shelf’ style of websites is quite satisfying!  (although given the nature of some of our competitors, one wonders for how long…?)

Anyway.  It’s live.  It’s definately NOT perfect but it’s working and we will work through the teething problems as they come to light.  So bear with us, but please also let us know if something isn’t right.  We may have become a little blinded by the last few days…


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