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Message From Ben

Hi, I’m Ben Collins – though you probably know me as ‘The Stig’.

I’ve spent my life testing high tech machinery and finding its limits and I could never do that if I couldn’t measure performance. In the same way that I use a speedometer or stopwatch to measure my speed, I would always use an AlcoDigital Breathalyzer to measure my alcohol levels before driving. It’s impossible to know whether your body has cleared the alcohol from your system the ‘morning after’ in any other way, and in my business – we don’t take unnecessary risks.

Here are my top ten tips for getting the best from your breathalyzer.

(1) ANY alcohol in your body will make you three times more likely to have an accident; it’s not just about the legal limit. Be a hero and blow a zero!

(2) Always wait at least 20 minutes after your last drink before you test yourself – otherwise the readings will be inaccurate and you may damage the sensor.

(3) Blow steadily with a single breath – as if you’re blowing up a balloon. The breathalyzer can only measure accurately when it samples the air in the bottom of your lungs köpa priligy.

(4) Take more than one test – and average the results. The better the breathalyzer, the more consistent the results will be but an average will always be more accurate than a single reading.

(5) Use your breathalyzer regularly. It will give you a better idea of the sort of results you can expect, and the breathalyzer will stay in better condition if it’s used rather than being left in a drawer.

(6) Always have your breathalyzer calibrated at least once a year – or change the sensor if you have a swap-and-go breathalyzer. Just like a car, whether it’s done lots of miles (in other words lots of tests) or not been used much at all – it still needs a regular service. To book your breathalyzer for calibration just go to and follow the instructions on the website.

(7) If you’re not going to use your breathalyzer for a while, remove the batteries – you’d be amazed how many breathalyzers we have sent back with batteries that have leaked!

(8) Don’t be surprised if you get readings that are different from those you expect. The old idea that everyone will lose 1 unit per hour is nonsense; Just as everyone loses weight at different rates, people metabolise alcohol differently. On a night when you’re not driving, try this:

  • Test yourself three times, half an hour after your last drink and take the average reading.
  • Set the alarm on your phone for another 30 minutes and run three more tests.
  • Keep repeating the process every 30 minutes until you get 3 zero readings.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this recent Daily Mail article which compared 5 different women, all drinking the same amount… and getting VERY different results!

(9) Mouthpieces can be used more than once by the same person, but don’t handle them after immediately using hand sanitizer, perfume or similar as this may affect the readings.

(10) Your readings may go up as well as down immediately after drinking. Don’t forget that any alcohol at all in your body means you are three times more likely to have an accident – the only safe limit is Zero.