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Following on from a recent article in BBC News (“‘Shock’ at Police Drink Drive Campaign Results” BBC News 1 August 2011) it was pleasing to discover that finally at least Ireland are taking the proactive approach to tackling the drink-drive limit.

This autumn, the standard level for drivers in the Republic of Ireland will reduce from the current limit of 35 microgrammes per 100ml down to 22 microgrammes, a drop of a third.

The permitted level for learner, newly qualified and professional drivers (Taxis, Minibuses, Buses and Goods Vehicles over 3,500kg) will be reduced even further to a mere 9 microgrammes per 100ml, bringing the Republic of Ireland in line with countries such as Norway and Sweden. At such a level, even a single drink could potentially put the driver ‘over the limit’.

There are a variety of devices out there that can assist in the prevention of drink driving – but when dealing with such low levels accuracy is the key. Professional drivers (who lose their career when they lose their licence) should be aware of the dangers of cheaper devices where accuracy can vary by as much as 25% – even straight from the factory.

The AlcoDigital 3000 uses the same Police-grade sensor as the Home Office Approved Draeger 6510 – but without the certification cost.

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