lifeguard_300pxWe have a new member of the family!  Born in the USA, this platinum fuel cell device has an integrated fold-out mouthpiece, and offers users the chance to view their previous 3 test results in graphical form – to establish whether their limit is rising all falling.  Unique in the breathalyser world!

The unit comes in a hard case with a protective pouch for on-the-go use, and our tests have shown it to be accurate and consistent, easy to use and sturdy enough to withstand a LOT of abuse.  With an extremely speedy warm-up time, and easy to understand icons on a high resolution screen, our new device really is one we are proud of.lifeguard_screen_300px

Lifeloc, the manufacturers, have been supplying law-enforcement units to the US Police for decades, and this is their ‘consumer’ version that we have adopted into our family.  For the person who wants reliable fuel cell accuracy, but cannot stretch to the cost of the UK-Police grade versions, this is the perfect solution.

See our website here for full details – available in stock for immediate dispatch; for 1/20th of the cost of a drink drive conviction, prevention is DEFINITELY better than cure.


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