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Finally, we’ve done it! 

Having got our trademark a few months ago, after 18 months of talks and planning and hoping and waiting, we can finally introduce the new member of our family – our very own AlcoDigital 3000 Digital Breathalyzer!

Not normally being the type to blow our own trumpets, this time there’s a real reason to.  Simply put, we KNOW this is THE most accurate Personal Detector on the market.  The reason we know this?  Only that it is produced for us by the world’s most accurate PROFESSIONAL detector manufacturers, Draeger – the very same Draeger that produces the majority of the Police devices used throughout the UK and worldwide.  

None of that cheap and nasty ‘phone-like’ styled units made in China, not for us, no siree köpa priligy.   This is the first unit we are happy to put our name and reputation to; so much so we’re giving a 2 year warranty with it.  Don’t find that much nowadays, eh?

Manufactured in Germany, the unit uses the same sensor as the Home Office approved Draeger 6510, but without the memory recall or unit setting functions.   Finally there exists a device for the Personal Market that can be used KNOWING its reliability and durability will not be questioned.  It’s a relief to be frank, that we can hand on heart sell something knowing that it is the device that WE would use on a night out.  (in fact there has been some extensive field testing, but that’s a different story…)

Think of it like the iPod or the Dyson – sometimes, a product comes out that re-defines the expectations of the market.  This is that product.

Come get one!

Visit or call our sales team on 0844 585 5050 and we’ll do the rest.


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