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Just imagine, you get your child up in the morning, get them dressed, feed them their breakfast, walk them to the bus stop, wave goodbye as the school bus takes them away.

A short while later, there is a telephone call. There has been an accident. The person responsible for the safe transportation of your child to school was under the influence.

It sounds like the opening of a movie, but in fact was reality only yesterday.

BBC News reported on this very incident. (‘Man arrested after school bus crash near Abergavenny’ BBC News 12 April 2011)

Luckily, there was only one injury (although who is to say what knock-on effect will be felt). But the sad thing is, at this stage, there is no law in place to PREVENT this type of accident.

A Draeger Interlock fitted to the vehicle could have prevented this from ever happening – it is designed SPECIFICALLY to prevent any vehicle being operated if alcohol is detected. It literally immobilises the ignition in the presence of alcohol.

And from August 2011, the fitting of an Interlock on School Buses is mandatory for France, Sweden and Finland. Surely it’s about time we ensured OUR children were as safe as our neighbours?

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