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Of all the driving offences, drink driving is up there with the most expensive.

Run a red light?  Pah, a measly 24% increase on your premium.  Speeding?  Just add 34%.  Even being caught using your mobile can incur a hefty 50% increase.

But drink drive? Apart from the inconvenience of losing your licence, the guilt of what happened – or could have been – and the shame of finding yourself in that situation, on top of that, add an increase of 115% to your premium and chances are you will regret EVER thinking that it was worth that journey home.

That was an expensive decision – especially when there are devices out there that cost less than a month’s worth of that increase.  (Not to mention taxis).

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  1. Neil Sargeant 28th May 2013 Reply

    Great post, Suzannah, I hope that information such as this will help to deter people from drink driving. I don’t think people actually take into consideration the harsh financial consequences because they’re too busy assuming they’ll get away with it.

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