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Ever since Sarcozy announced his intention to make it mandatory that every vehicle in France carry a breathalyser, all hell has broken loose.

Folks, let’s calm down for a second, and think about this logically.

France currently has 29 MILLION car users.  If (and it’s a BIG if as nothing has actually been confirmed) the requirement to carry a couple of ‘breathalyser tubes’ comes in, that means for just the French car drivers alone, there is an immediate demand for about 60 million tubes.

There are currently only 2 companies that manufacture the tubes suggested which carry the NF level of certification.  Their combined annual output (excluding the idea they may sell any to anywhere outside of the France car ownership) is 700,000 per year.  To produce the 60 MILLION tubes suggested would take 85 years, and that STILL doesn’t include the requirements of any foreign drivers passing passing through France.

Our gallic neighbours have done the standard thing of simply ignoring Sarcozy and his misplaced belief that he can implement something that is clearly logistically impossible.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the wonders of the British Press (and indeed one of the major motoring organisations) who apparently know more than the manufacturers themselves.

We don’t know for certain yet whether this will even be implemented, but if and when it is, stocks will be in short supply.  We have the NF-approved tubes available to order, so that IF the legislation is pushed through then the drivers will be in compliance.

The tubes are available in singles or in multi-packs, so the decision as to how many to hold is yours to make.  Orders will be dispatched in a strict ‘first-come, first-served’ basis – full details can be found on our website here.

To go ‘the extra mile’ our own AlcoDigital 3000 actually has NF Level 2 approval (equivalent to commercial screening grade) – and is the ONLY digital breathalyser available in the UK with this level of approval.   What better way to ensure you’re in compliance?


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