NF breathalyzer bag and tube

We get asked a lot of questions about the Single Use Breathalyzers now that they are available from local Tesco Petrol Stations and other retail venues. Below are the top 6.

NF Single KitWhat is a Single Use NF Breathalyzer?

It is an alcohol detector used to detect whether or not alcohol remains in your system.  To gain a result the user has to blow into a bag and squeeze the full bag until empty, and the breath will pass through a tube. The tube containing yellow crystals will change from yellow to green if there is alcohol in the breath. If the crystals change colour past the cut-off line you are over the French, and Scottish drink-driving limit.


What does the ‘NF’ mean?
In 2012 it was made a legal requirement in France to hold a Breathalyzer in own a breathalyzer that remains in your car at all times. The French NF stands for Norme Francaise and means the breathalyzer complies with the French regulations. You will know that your Breathalyzer is approved as it has an ‘NF’ stamp on it.

What is the Law in France?

You must hold an NF approved Breathalyzer in your motor vehicle at all times when in France whether your drink alcohol or not – in the same way as you are legal required to hold a Hi-Vis jacket, warning triangle, etc.

The cheapest way to comply with the regulation is to buy two single-use NF approved Breathalyzers. We recommended that you have two so that you are insured if you need to use one, or one gets damaged.

What is the legal drink-driving limit in France?

0.05% BAC or 25µg/100ml breath. This is lower than the England/Wales/Northern Ireland limit so if you are unsure of your own tolerance levels we suggest you buy a few to e able to use them while in France.Insert Reverse Artwork





Is it just holiday goers that need one?

Everyone driving into France needs an NF Breathalyzer to comply to the law including commercial drivers and motor bikers!

 Don't Drink BadgeOur Advice

ANY alcohol in your system causes impairment on some level. Therefor if the crystals change colour AT ALL you shouldn’t drive.




Where can I get them from and how much do they cost?twin NF kits


You can get them from us at here and for £2.99, or £4.98 for two.



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