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I love today’s technology and the ability to do pretty much anything within a couple of presses on a screen.  No way would I ever go back to the old days of queueing up in banks, using teletext or hoping that nearest & dearest are well, and more to the point, are on their way as scheduled.

imagesBut the downside of being constantly available in the technological sense is the chance that the odd drunken moment could induce an inappropriate comment, blog entry, or purchase in the wonderful world that is the internet.  It’s only the morning after you realise, with regret, that ‘sleeping on it’ would have been a good idea.

Whilst we can’t offer a breathalyser-linked keyboard or smart-phone (and don’t really see the point in those cheap gimmicky ones that claim to work ‘with’ your smartphone but in fact only use the battery power to function – and poorly, at that) –  we CAN offer accurate and reliable units for you to at least test yourself the morning after, to work out whether you can indeed leave your house (mortified or not) WITHOUT being over the limit.

Not every Tom, Dick, Harry or Nigel will want one – but they probably should.  Hey – it’s coming up to Christmas – maybe someone will take the hint and get that annoying person a unit to stop them showing themselves up.

For full details of all our breathalysers, see our website at – or call us on 0208 454 7372 –  we are here to talk you through the details.


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