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Following an anti-drug driving campaign launched last year, plans are now being formed for the introduction of Drug-Driving tests across the UK (“Drug-Driving test equipment to be trialled”  BBC News 6 August 2010).

It’s about time.

Draeger DrugTest 5000

With alcohol testing having been introduced in 1965, (the middle of the swinging sixties!) – it’s a wonder it has taken this long for drug testing to become a mainstream issue.

There are a variety of kits out there – from the simple Draeger Oral Drug Check (a saliva-testing kit giving on the spot diagnosis of 6 classes of illegal substances – perfect for random testing ‘on the move’), to the latest Draeger Drug Test 5000 Analyzer – the first opto-electronic device available for portable and onsite testing.

Seems it’s time to chase those ‘highs’.


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