Dräger AlcoTest 7000

£ (exc VAT)

**** Do you need any mouthpieces or funnels****

Reusable by the same person several times but for hygiene reasons every person tested should use their own mouthpiece.

Available in 2 formats:  Standard or Non-Return Valve for additional hygienic protection.

Standard box of 100 (exc VAT): £ 

Standard box of 1000 (exc VAT): £ 

NRV box of 100 (exc VAT): £ 

NRV box of 1000 (exc VAT): £ 


The device can also be used with the Dräger Hygienic Flow Funnels enabling fast and hygienic screening of the workforce:

Pack of 10 Funnels (exc VAT): £ 


(No additional postage will be charged for mouthpieces shipped with initial order)