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Digital Downloads

Find product instructions, user manuals, brochures and more digital downloads.

All downloads are in Adobe Acrobat format and if you do not already have a suitable reader, you can download one from Adobe free of charge here.

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to be able to download through this facility that is not currently available.

Personal Digital Breathalysers

AlcoDigital Platinum Breathalyzer User Manual

Draeger Alcotest 3820 Product Brochure

Draeger Alcotest 3820 User Manual

Draeger Professional Breathalysers

Draeger Alcotest 5510 User Manual

Draeger Alcotest 5820 Product Brochure

Draeger Alcotest 5820 User Manual

Draeger Alcotest 6820 Product Brochure

Draeger Alcotest 6820 User Manual

Draeger Alcotest 7510 Product Brochure

Draeger Alcotest 7510 User Manual

Draeger Interlocks (Vehicle Breathalysers)

Draeger Interlock 5000 Product Brochure

Draeger Interlock 5000 / 7000 User Manual

Draeger Interlock 7000 Product Brochure

Draeger Interlock 7000 User Manual

Draeger Professional Drug Testing

Draeger DrugTest 5000 Product Brochure

Draeger DrugTest 5000 User Manual

Draeger DrugCheck 3000 Product Brochure

Draeger DrugCheck 3000 User Manual

Legal Information & Policy Resources

Evidential Breath Alcohol Test

A guide for employers on alcohol at work by HSE