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AlcoDigital Platinum Lite breathalyser and box

Diesel Car recently reviewed a range of personal digital breathalyzers including three of the AlcoDigital brand and the Alcohoot Smartphone Breathalyzer, available from   Diesel car used Certified Wet Bath Calibration equipment as used by the Police to test the readings of each one, basing the scores on accuracy, design, ease of use and notable features.

And now for the verdict:

AlcoDigital Platinum Lite

RRP £129.95

You have to pay a little more to get a quality breathalyzer but this one is amazing value for money which is why it was so popular with Diesel Car. It produced really accurate results on the calibration equipment. The user-friendly screen was a deciding factor here for it’s well-deserved 5 stars.

 AlcoDigital Platinum  –

RRP £179.95

Not quite as high as the Lite version, the AlcoDigital Platinum still scored extremely high. Knocked down half a star due to price – but it was still considered value for money. The AlcoDigital Platinum’s notable feature is it is the ONLY fuel cell breathalyzer in the UK with a replaceable sensor. So instead of sending it in for calibration every year, you just swap and go, as easy as changing a battery.

 AlcoDigital 3000  –

RRP £349.95

This is by far the most accurate breathalyzer in the market. Made by Draeger and comparable to their 6510 Police breathalyzers, the AlcoDigital 3000 uses the same fuel cell and therefore can not be beaten in accuracy. If accuracy, reliability and longevity are your requirements then this is your top option.  However, like Diesel car you may find it a little too pricey which is why this one lost half a star.


We are so happy to see that in it’s first ever UK review the Platinum Lite received the recognition it deserves.  Therefore as a cheeky Christmas present from us to you, we are giving all our blog readers a secret code to get 20% off until the end of January.  Use code PL20 at checkout on to receive your 20% off the Platinum Lite.