COVID-19 Workplace Solutions for Professional Screening and Testing

We offer a full range of AntiGen testing solutions to help identify potentially infectious individuals in your workforce – helping to keep your workforce safe, and your business operating.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused chaos and hardship across the whole of the world, requiring businesses and organisations to find ways to adapt and operate as safely as possible.  Ideally your workforce operate from home, but for many businesses this simply is not an option.

While social distancing and PPE can help to keep cross contamination to a minimum, it is inevitable that some members of the workforce will become infected – but until (and unless) they show symptoms, they become “silent spreaders”, infecting multiple other people without any knowledge that they are doing so.


Test, Test, Test
The answer – as has been so clearly demonstrated in Liverpool in recent months – is widespread and regular screening.  Using Rapid Screening tests that produce easily read results in just 15 minutes identifies both those who are infected but showing no symptoms (Asymptomatic) AND those who are infected but not yet symptomatic due to being in the early stages of infection.

The unusually long incubation period of Covid-19 – up to 14 days – combined with the fact that many people have very mild symptoms (or often none at all) means that only an effective screening program can identify infectious individuals as early as possible and isolate them immediately from the rest of the workforce.


The best solution for your business

As can be seen from the table below, different test methods are better at detecting the virus at each stage of the infection cycle, and each has its advantages.

We can offer 2 testing methods and a range of solutions to assist companies and organisations maintain a safe working environment.  Our Rapid AntiGen Tests, using Nasal or Oral swabs are easy to use with results displayed in 20 minutes.  For those who struggle with the nasal throat swab collection process, our  Rapid Antigen Saliva Tests are ideal.

All of our test kits are CE Certified for self-use and do not require medical supervision.  They can be carried out by the individual themselves, either at home or on your premises.

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Diagram showing Immuno Response Curve of COVID-19 Infection