Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Screening Tests

EU Government-listed lateral flow COVID-19 test kits by French pharmaceutical company TODA Pharma – ideal for quick, low cost screening of your workforce to help identify asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19.

  • Lateral flow test kits
  • Results in just 15 minutes
  • Optimal for testing 5-21 days after initial exposure

These LFIA (Lateral Flow ImmunoAssay) screening kits have been approved for use by the French and German Government Health Service and carry CE certification for use across Europe.

The test itself is carried out using a swab and can be performed either via nasal or oral sample collection – nasal collection is recommended for greatest accuracy as it is least likely to be affected by an individual eating or drinking, however oral collection is generally seen to be less invasive.

The sample collection process is very similar to that for RT-PCR home test kits, however medical supervision is recommended in this instance in order to ensure an adequate sample is obtained as they are less sensitive that laboratory tests.  The sample collection takes only a few minutes and results are shown by a line on the test device – similar to reading a pregnancy test result.

For best results and assured methodology we offer a complete COVID screening package; lateral flow test kits with trained nursing staff to administer the tests, read the results and if necessary perform an on-the-spot PCR collection for next day laboratory analysis – however your own in-house medical professionals can also use these kits.

Accuracy, Sensitivity and Specificity

Sensitivity: 96.6%               Specificity: 100%                Overall Accuracy: 98.4%

Buy Rapid Antigen COVID Test Kits

Rapid Antibody COVID-19 test kits available here.

Laboratory PCR confirmation test kits available here.

Nurse supervised COVID testing

Trained nurses available for on-site or Zoom supervised testing – from £25 per test

For the most accurate results and best methodology, we offer on-site and Zoom supervised lateral flow testing with a trained nurse to administer the tests, read the results and if necessary, perform an further PCR sample collection for next day testing at a laboratory.

  • On-site COVID testing with a qualified nurse including test kits, PPE, recording and barcodes.
  • Zoom supervised testing with a qualified nurse including test kits and full instructions.

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