RT-PCR Laboratory Testing 

  • Results by email, next working day
  • Most accurate method of determining current infection
  • Fit to Fly certificate available
  • Optimal results from 5 to 21 days post exposure to infection


Using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technologies, PCR kits detect the genetic RNA material of the virus confirming current infection status.

RT-PCR Laboratory testing is the most reliable method of determining an individuals’ infection by the Coronavirus.   It uses DNA testing to identify the viral DNA within the individuals’ body and, like all Anti-Gen testing, is most effective in the first 21 days after initial exposure – the period when the level of the virus in the body is at it’s peak.   After 21 days, the antibodies developed by the infected person start to fight the virus and eliminate it from the body. Use for:

  • Confirmation of a Positive Screening Result
  • When individual is Symptomatic
  • Following contact with a known infectious person
  • International Travel

RT-PCR is highly accurate – it is able to detect very low levels of infection, and is the standard testing method used for determining infection. It is relatively expensive, and the delay incurred by sending the samples to the laboratory mean that it is far less practical than LFIA rapid testing as a screening method, but it should always be used to confirm any positive rapid-screening results.

RT-PCR cannot however determine the level of infection (it’s just a black-and-white, yes-or-no as to whether the viral DNA is present or not), nor can it detect whether an individual has been infected in the past – for this, an antibody test would be required – either an LFIA rapid test, or an ELISA laboratory test using a blood sample.

Accuracy, Sensitivity and Specificity

Specificity 100%                 Sensitivity >95% at 0.75 copies of viral RNA/µl.

Single Kit for Home Use
fully inclusive with prepaid next-day shipping

£129 (VAT Exempt)

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Bulk Kits for Business Use
(minimum order 20 kits)

from £89 (VAT Exempt)

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Laboratory PCR testing can be done using a home kit saliva/nasal swab kit, or we can provide bulk packs for companies – either to back up workforce screening packages or to have on hand for testing colleagues should a member of staff report Covid Symptoms

Turnaround is one working day, and provided the order is placed before noon the kit should arrive at the designated address before 1pm next day. If the swab test is completed immediately and returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery the same day, results should be available within one working day. For example:

  • Order placed before noon on Monday – Home Swab Kit arrives Tuesday Morning.
  • Swab kit is returned Tuesday afternoon – Results should be available from Wednesday afternoon.

IMPORTANT: Please note that any positive test results will be reported immediately to NHS test-and-Trace.  You should however also notify all those  with whom you have had contact in the past 14 days that you have been tested positive and that they should self isolate and/or contact us so that we can provide them with a test kit.