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The highest ever UK drink drive reading was reported today in the Daily Mail (Behind the wheel… after 15 pints of lager: Christmas police trap Britain’s worst-ever drink-driver)Marcin Ziebacz was pulled over after Police noticed him swerving dangerously whilst trying to drive the 4 miles back to his home in Coventry. 

His initial breath test produced a staggering 191 microgrammes per 100ml of breath – some 5.46 times the UK drink drive limit – with a second test giving a reading of 187.  Quite how he managed to stand up to do the tests is something to wonder at.

He has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing;  his licence has been confiscated and he is banned from driving.  With the prospect of upto 6 months in jail and a £5000 fine, that was one very expensive Christmas party mistake to make.

Maybe he really didn’t realise how drunk he was.  Or maybe he had hit the point where no matter what, he had decided it was time to get home.  Whichever.  A breathalyzer MAY have brought it home to him what could have happened, but more likely it would have notified OTHERS as to what state he was in.

That no-one was killed was a blessing.



  1. Ian Gent 17th January 2010 Reply

    I have been looking at your website etc. Do you really employ a total of 8 people ? Your address appears to be a residential address on visiting by car recently ??? Just a little intrigued, thanks.

    • suzannah 19th January 2010 Reply

      Hi Ian

      The Fosters Yard address is purely an admin base/registered office. Our customer service team work in a separate office, with Dispatch & Warehouse/workshop in a secure unit off site. For obvious reasons we don’t widely advertise the location of our stock and warehouse facilities!


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