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With all the talk that has been going on recently in the UK about lowering the overall drink-drive limit, some countries have taken it a step further.

Cyprus has announced plans to be introduced to reduce the permitted breathalyser levels of alcohol in certain drivers (“Breathalyser limits cut for certain types of drivers“, Cyprus Mail 16 June 2010), specifically:

  1. New drivers (upto a year)
  2. HGV drivers
  3. Drivers transporting dangerous goods
  4. Motorcyclists
  5. Taxis

It sounds fairly similar to our own UK legislation which dictates anyone working in Airlines, Maritime or Rail are subject to a reduced permitted level.

The difference is, Cyprus has recognised the more vulnerable drivers (the inexperienced, the bikers) and the ones that potentially could cause the most catastrophic scenarios (the fuel-transporter etc) and has taken steps to try and protect both them, and their potential victims.

Isn’t it about time we took up their lead?


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