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Alcohol and Euro 2020

Alcohol and Euro 2020

Alcohol testing during the Euros

The sun is shining and the Euro 2020 football competition is finally upon us, albeit a year later than planned. Twenty-four teams from across Europe are competing between 11th June and 11th July 2021 in a spectacle watched by millions of football fans around the world.

As always, this huge event is set to bring together the nation as the latest generation show off their skills and win over the British public. Most notably, there is a huge game on Friday 18th June 2021 England vs Scotland 20:00 BST.

As an employer, you may be thinking about whether you should allow employees to watch matches during working hours. Perhaps you’re even thinking of allowing them time off if national teams make it through to the last stages of the competition. All important considerations. 

But have you thought about increased alcohol consumption during these matches, and how this might affect health and safety in your workplace? 

We’re encouraging organisations to have an additional push on alcohol testing during Euro 2020, with a pre-warned alcohol test day.

Alcohol and football

Alcohol and football are intrinsically linked. You only need to look at the brand sponsorship and advertising surrounding matches to know that football culture is dominated by alcohol. 

Whilst a few cold beers on match day could be considered one of life’s simple pleasures, for many a few beers lead to excessive drinking. During football competitions like Euro 2020, this is more likely to happen during the working week. Drug intake is likely to increase too.

Now is the time for employers to be extra vigilant to protect their staff and business during this exciting football season. 


EURO 2020 Match Schedule

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Pre-warned alcohol test day

We’re encouraging organisations to have an additional push on alcohol testing during the Euros, with a pre-warned alcohol test day.

This additional testing would fall under ‘random’ alcohol testing. Giving employees advance notification of the testing day would:

  • Reinforce the company workplace alcohol policy
  • Demonstrate the company’s alcohol testing capabilities
  • Deter employees from drinking excessively 
  • Maintain safety standards, especially after key matches

It could also help your organisation to understand levels of alcohol usage in the workplace.

We’d suggest a simple email or memo in advance of the testing day notifying employees that on specific days, a larger than normal amount of alcohol testing will be conducted.  The timing can be chosen to coincide with days that fall during or after important matches. 

EURO 2020 breathalyser offer

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Alcohol testing during COVID

Over the past year, many companies and organisations have paused or scaled down their alcohol and drug testing operations due to hygiene concerns. However, with the correct procedures in place, it’s possible to continue to safely test employees for drugs and alcohol, as defined by your workplace policy.

It’s important to remember that drug and alcohol screening protects both employees and wider society and also reduces the impact on other healthcare and emergency services.

Get further advice

If you have any further questions or concerns about alcohol and/or drug testing, our experienced team can offer free advice and effective solutions for your company or organisation – send us a message or call 0208 454 7372.