Alcohol breathalysers for taxi companies

Ensure your drivers are sober without fitting an alcohol ignition interlock

It’s the responsibility of an employer to take the necessary steps to ensure that employees are fit for work, under Health and Safety Executive guidance. For taxi firms, your duty of care means ensuring that your drivers are sober. 

It’s also important for customers to know their driver is sober, so that they can feel confident that their journey will be a safe one.

What is a smart breathalyser?

The AlcoDigital NEO is a smart breathalyser, capable of taking your due diligence to the next level in the easiest possible way and giving you a competitive edge.

Using the latest technology, the NEO breathalyser takes a time-stamped photo at the same time as taking a breath alcohol reading, proving the person taking the breathalyser test is sober and safe to drive.

  • Fuel cell technology, the same used in a police breathalyser
  • Smart phone app to record your alcohol readings
  • Results with GPS location and photo proof of test result
  • Proof that you are safe to drive within seconds
  • Instantly email your test result to your office or customer

The smart breathalyser offers fuel cell accuracy with a smart-phone app to monitor your alcohol readings.  Results with GPS location and photo proof of test result can be transmitted in seconds – offering peace of mind for all involved.

Protect your taxi business and reassure your customers

If you could buy an alcohol ignition interlock fitted to your drivers’ cars for less than £90 per car, would you do so?  What if it also notified you automatically if the driver was over the limit before they start their shift? And sent you photographic proof, complete with the time, date and location of when the driver took the test?

At just £83 + VAT, the NEO costs a fraction of an alcohol ignition interlock whilst offering the same reassurance and demonstrating your commitment to safe driving. As a taxi firm, the NEO enables you to breathalyse all drivers remotely before their shift starts; you’ll get photographic proof of their alcohol breath test via email. Alternatively, a breath test could be performed before each booking and results sent directly to the customer via email or SMS.

There are no running costs or data costs other than an annual calibration.

Track results with GPS and photo, share results by SMS and email

The AlcoDigital NEO smart breathalyser connects to the iSober app, available to download for free. There have been breathalysers that have worked with a smart phone before – the difference with the AlcoDigital NEO is that it offers professional fuel cell accuracy with innovative app technology to track and record results with GPS and photo, which can be shared by SMS or email.

The iSOBER app connects via bluetooth, enabling the user to configure the set-up of the unit to their own requirements.  The settings options include the ability to set driving limits dependent on which country you are driving in, choice of unit measurements such as %BAC or mg/L,  adjustable warning and danger levels and control switches for camera function, GPS location and calibration reminder.

The unit is also able to be used in ‘standalone’ mode without pairing to the iSober app.

Police type fuel cell sensor

Breathalysers can have fuel cell or semi conductor sensors. Fuel-cell sensors are considerably larger than semi-conductor sensors, which allows them to produce the electrical current needed to detect levels of alcohol more reliably and consistently. The fuel-cell sensor inside the AlcoDigital NEO sensor is 78mm².

Fuel-cell sensors are also more durable and can be used frequently whilst reliably maintaining high levels of accuracy. If regularly calibrated, fuel cell sensors last for years and years. The AlcoDigital NEO requires calibration every 12 months or 500 tests (whichever comes first) and the iSober app will tell you when calibration is required.

The AlcoDigital NEO smart breathalyser comes with 5 mouthpieces in a handy zipper case for safe storage.


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