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Trutouch access control finger print technology

There are several ways to make sure that none of your staff has any alcohol in their system on a daily basis. One of the easiest ways is setting up an Access Controlled Alcohol detection device.  They are really quite simple:

Step 1

Someone walks up to the Alcohol detection device and is tested for, you guessed it, alcohol.

Step 2

Result  = ‘No Alcohol’

If there is no alcohol in their system they pass the test and are granted into whatever area they were heading. E.g. a turnstile  allows access, or an electric door unlocks.

Result = ‘Alcohol’

If they fail the test the device won’t let them through and they must either turn around or find another access point to the area. Perhaps through the manager’s office 😉


These stand-alone devices are quite amazing – they don’t require personal management meaning zero manpower costs.  The ‘test everyone every time’ solution ensures your workforce are alcohol-free everyday.   In the event of a failed test you do need to have a procedure in place where the employee is then taken through an evidential testing process.  See Reasons for testing in the workplace for more details on this.

Now, you may have noticed I am calling the devices “alcohol detection devices” instead of breathalyzers. Well that’s because one of the devices doesn’t measure breath… Shocker I know!


TruTouch 2500

The first device is the TruTouch 2500.   This ground-breaking device does not detect Alcohol through your breath but through NIR (near infra-red) technology.  The sensors in this device not only detects Alcohol but also can determine the users’ identity using finger print technology.  This is similar to your smart phone, except it’s not your usual fingerprint or thumbprint but your middle Phalanx print (just see the picture).  So not only are you detecting Alcohol, you have a record of all those passing through.

The Device can be leased for roughly £3000 per month.

If you are interested in this device then you can contact Trutouch directly through this link.



EBS10 ACCESS breathalyzer
EBS entrance breathalyzer. Pass = enter. Fail = no entry

The second device  – the EBS10 – is a breathalyzer designed to be integrated with an electronic entry system such as turnstiles. The donor breathes into the device – without a mouthpiece – from a distance of about 2 cm.  If no alcohol is detected the sensor will release the relay enabling them access through the entry system.  If alcohol is detected no access is permitted.  It can perform multiple tests per minute meaning large volumes of people are able to pass through the entry system with no delays.

The EBS 10 can be attached to a variety of different devices, not just turnstiles, such as security doors, safes, key-lock boxes. Essentially anything with an electronic relay that the EBS 10 can control.

You can find out more about the EB10 and purchase one here.

With an initial cost of £495+ vat and no mouthpieces required, the only ongoing cost to run will be the 6-monthly sensor replacement (this is instead of a calibration) köpa priligy.

A truly cost-effective way of ensuring ALL of your workforce are alcohol-free EVERY time they arrive into work.